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Overhaul and maintenance of equipment of any complexity.

If you own a fleet of special equipment, you may face the problem of its maintenance. Our company engaged in the maintenance and overhaul of any special equipment. Replacement of components and assemblies only branded components. We offer the following types of equipment maintenance:

  • construction and mining machinery
  • storage equipment
  • road construction equipment
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The task – to make a diagnosis and, if necessary, repair systems for career excavators Hitachi ZAXIS 250LCN. This machine works on one of the granite mines of South Carolina. Year of the excavator 2004. Only routine maintenance took place today at the excavator.

Customer have the following important points: increased fuel consumption, cycle time increased, there was a leaking supply lines in the main hydraulic pump, reducing the efficiency of the cabin air conditioning.

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Excavator Hitachi ZAXIS 250LCN was transported to the nearest service station of ADAMAS Corp. Diagnosis revealed violations in the operation of the engine, increased exhaust emissions, reduced pressure in the hydraulic system and damaged the left track links.

Our experts made a replacement of the air and fuel filters, engine oil replacement, replacement of hydraulic oil, replace the oil seals of the master cylinder (TRIAS hydraulics). We also tested the system and reduce the toxicity of the diesel particulate filter DPF and the selective reduction catalyst SRC. As a precaution, replace the air conditioning filter, add freon and washed excavator.

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As a result, excavator Hitachi ZAXIS 250LCN become more productive and efficient. Lower fuel consumption, reduced duty cycle, vibration decreased. Due to repair of systems of decrease in toxicity excavator again meet with Stage IIIB.

The excavator was brought back to the granite quarry.



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[st_characteristics_item characteristic_name=”TYPE SPECIAL EQUIPMENT” characteristic_value=”Career excavator”][st_characteristics_item characteristic_name=”MODEL” characteristic_value=”Hitachi ZAXIS 250LCN”][st_characteristics_item characteristic_name=”YEAR OF THE MACHINE” characteristic_value=”2004″][st_characteristics_item characteristic_name=”REPAIR TYPE” characteristic_value=”Overhaul”][st_characteristics_item characteristic_name=”REPAIR TIME” characteristic_value=”21 days”][st_characteristics_item characteristic_name=”WHAT IS DONE” characteristic_value=”Repair of undercarriage, engine and hydraulics”][st_characteristics_item characteristic_name=”COST OF REPAIR” characteristic_value=”$27 000″][st_characteristics_item characteristic_name=”CLIENT” characteristic_value=”Adamas Mining Carolina”]
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