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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Provides repair services for engines” enable_heading_elem=”yes” elem_type=”circle” alignment=”left” main_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;” main_heading_font_size=”desktop:36px;” margin_design_tab_text=”” sub_heading_font_size=”desktop:16px;”]DIESEL, PETROL AND GAS[/ultimate_heading]
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We provide repair services for all types of engines: petrol, diesel and gas engines. Almost any technique for long term use needs major repair or service the engine. We eliminate any technical problems in all systems of internal combustion engines. State of the upscale and certification specialists will produce a high-quality engine repair of any complexity. From small gasoline engines to heavy industrial. First-class diagnostic equipment allows us to detect any breach of the powertrain.

To ensure long-term and reliable operation of the engine it is necessary to observe the rules of operation, use a high-quality fuel and install the original spare parts. Often the technique works in a very aggressive environment. For example rigid dump trucks or work in dusty environments and humidity at low temperatures. It is therefore important to make routine repair work on time. As a result of the repair we provide 12 months warranty on transmission and hydraulic system.

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Service powertrains

Service powertrain is key to trouble-free and long operation of your engine. Our experts are ready to carry out routine maintenance of your engine on-site. Specially equipped vehicle has on board all necessary for repair directly to the home site.
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Engine complete overhaul

Overhaul of engines is one of our main areas. We mainly engaged in overhaul of large industrial engines with diesel fuel or gas. Such power plants are installed on the coherent power stations or high power generators. This task is complex and requires a high skill and special equipment.
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Types of motors and engines

Our company is engaged in repairs of the following types of engines: the petrol engines with injection, petrol engine with turbocharging, diesel engines with turbocharging and direct injection, gas industrial engines, marine diesel installation, auxiliary diesel engines, diesel engines with a mini-power plants.
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Our prices

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[st_simple_price_box_module price_box_title=”Repair of petrol engines” price_box_price=”from $150.00″]We offer a comprehensive repair of gasoline engines in passenger cars, trucks and vans. The renovation included the fuel system diagnostics, diagnostics of cylinder blocks, diagnosis of the ignition system.

If necessary we replace the piston group, compression rings. Supersonic soundings produced cleaning of the intake and exhaust manifolds. Adjustable lighting. Engine exhaust is tested on the respective emission standard.[/st_simple_price_box_module]

[st_simple_price_box_module price_box_title=” Repair of diesel engines of heavy equipment” price_box_price=”from $190.00″]Construction machines engines need for timely service. Our service centers are engaged in repair of all diesel engines – Volvo, Cummins, Caterpillar, Deutz, Kubota, Iveko, Isuzu.

Conduct a full comprehensive service of motor block, injection system, fuel system, cooling system. Our service centers are equipped with the most modern diagnostic and repair equipment.[/st_simple_price_box_module]

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[st_simple_price_box_module price_box_title=” Repair of diesel and gas stations” price_box_price=”from $5 000.00″]We offer a service repair and restoration of diesel and gas engines, industrial plants – Atlas Copco, Caterpillar, Cummins, Dalgakiran, Endress & Hauser, Himoinsa, Hitachi, MWM-GmbH.

Rapid diagnosis is made on-site installation of your power. If necessary, replace the filter, tested electronic systems and fuel supply system. In the case of complex repairs made dismantling assemblies. Capital repair is possible in the conditions of our specialized service stations.[/st_simple_price_box_module]

[st_simple_price_box_module price_box_title=”Repair of cogeneration plants” price_box_price=”from $10 000.00″]Cogeneration power plant – is a kind of large-scale power equipment for industrial use, which ensures highly efficient use of primary energy source – gas or diesel fuel to produce two forms of useful energy – heat and electricity.

Repair cogeneration plants a challenge, but our skilled professionals to deal with it. Mobile group at a special car equipped with everything necessary for inspection and diagnostics of your power.[/st_simple_price_box_module]

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[st_simple_price_box_module price_box_title=” Repair of diesel and gas stations” price_box_price=”from $2 000.00″]If you have a fleet of construction and municipal vehicles you probably face the problem of where to repair the motor. Our company is engaged in the repair of industrial engines of any falsity.

We repair electric motors warehouse, engine cranes and mining equipment engines. Diagnose winding rotors and stators, bearings diagnostic units, diagnostics shaft alignment.[/st_simple_price_box_module]

[st_simple_price_box_module price_box_title=”Repair of wind power plant” price_box_price=”from $9 000.00″]Repair of wind power is quite complicated service. This requires special diagnostic and disassembling equipment. Our company makes repair of wind power plants in Europe and North America.

Our regular customers are: Collgar Wind Farm (Western Australia), Woolnorth Wind Farm (Tasmania), Capital Wind Farm (New South Wales).[/st_simple_price_box_module]

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Looking for repair of engines?” main_heading_color=”#ffffff” enable_heading_elem=”yes” elem_type=”side” sub_heading_color=”#e56454″ alignment=”left” main_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;” main_heading_font_size=”desktop:32px;” sub_heading_font_size=”desktop:28px;” heading_elem_color=”#e56454″]We repair all motors and engines![/ultimate_heading]
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